We train students:


» Elementary Exam | Intermediate Exam   [ View Student's Work ]

Grade examinations where students are trained in subjects like still life, memory drawing, feehand design, nature drawing, typography and geometry. These exams hold of a value to appear for any art course. The course is designed in a particular pattern which students have to finish in a limited period of time.


» Entrance Test for Art colleges   [ View Student's Work ]

We train students for entrance exams to get into various art colleges across the country Reinforcing fundamentals of sketching, using various techniques and elaborate study on perspective, angles and objects.


» School Interviews

We train infants appearing for school interviews. How to make basic shapes, recognition and self developmental skills. Our focus on developing fine motor skills by different activities in class. Eg. Coloring, pasting, Finger Tracing, assembling & cutting.

Hereby we make learning an enjoyable process with a very friendly atmosphere making them feel secured.


» Drawing   [ View Student's Work ]

we teach to all age groups from 2.5 years to student who is 64 years old and presently learning with us. Making learn an experimental process by involving various mediums and making a master piece.


» Craft  [ View Student's Work ]

By adding a brand new dimension to craft world we have come up with exclusive craft kits. These kits hold value for gifting friends, family as well as using them yourself. Every craft involves learning of a new technique and re enforcing skill to think out of the box. We retail craft kits from young art only with subject to availability.


» Etching  [ View Student's Work ]

A unique way to use your isographs in very new way.


» Charcoal  [ View Student's Work ]

We just don’t teach black and white charcoal. We make charcoal colorful like any other medium using colored charcoal powders.


» Sketching

An effective way to get your basics strengthened. Be it an object, an animal, human body or another form. Various mediums like pen, photo inks and shading pencils make it effective.


» Calligraphy

Basic and advance calligraphy making letters come to real and forming a master piece


» Canvas

Using various techniques like oils, water color, photo inks, charcoal and various other mix mediums to make your very own master piece.


» Portfolio  [ View Student's Work ]

We train students who want to pursue further education abroad. We understand global art perspective and accordingly help students in building their portfoilio.